Spirit of Creation

The movement of the Holy Spirit can be found throughout human history, from creation, through Jesus, the disciples, the apostle Paul, and up to today in the here and now, through people like you and me.  This five-part series is a retelling of those stories, and starts with Part one, when the beginning begun.  

Once upon a time, before the beginning begun, there was God.  And God was all, and was in all.  But after being everything there is for trillions and trillions of years, as you might imagine, God got lonely.  And in that moment God thought, you know what?  It’s time to play.  It’s time to create.  So God got going.

When God got going, God brought along something very special.  Something that was also there before the beginning begun, and is the very essence of Godself.  God brought along God’s Spirit, and the Spirit of God, in the midst of nothingness, hovered over the waters (Gen 1:2).  The Spirit then moved at God’s command, busily drawing light from darkness, separating water from sky and then land, splitting sun from moon, planting vegetation of all kinds, and filling the earth, the air and the waters with all sorts of living and breathing creatures (Gen 1:3-25).  Then God then asked the Spirit to create humankind, making man and woman in God’s own image.  God then gave them a very important job: tend to all that has been created, for it was created for you.  (Gen 1:28).

God, for a time, walked among creation, chatting at length with Adam, telling of all the tips and tricks that would be needed to tend this most beautiful garden God had created.  (Gen 2:8-25).  Adam and Eve were God’s children after all, God loved them, and eagerly looked forward to spending time with them each and every day.

But this perfect family, this perfect arrangement would not last forever.  One day Adam and Eve decided that perhaps they didn’t need their Father.  Or at least they didn’t need to listen to the one rule that Father God had given them.  And even worse than that, finding themselves now naked and afraid, God’s children were ashamed (Gen 3:10).  This break in trust, break in relationship, between created and creation, made God very, very sad.

But God just couldn’t leave well enough alone.  What good parent could? I love those kids, and all the creation I’ve given them too, God said.  They may not want me.  They may think they can do without me.  And do without this perfect garden, but oh boy, what a mess they will make on their own out there.  What shall I do, God thought?  Then God had an idea.

The kids may not want me around, but still, they need my help.  With that God decided, that, while God and the kids were going through some troubled times, God’s Spirit, in ways great and small, could help the kids along their way.  And the Spirit could move in God’s world, and in all of God’s people, teaching, encouraging and inspiring all that God had created.  And all that God had deemed good, from when the beginning begun.

And, from that moment on, the Spirit came to be the embodiment of the creative work of God in our world.

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