Monthly Archives: December 2014

Giving Thanks for Nothing

As Thanksgiving fades into the rear view mirror, and we look forward to celebrating the birth of the Christ child, I’m reminded again what a crazy, crazy time of year this can be.

There are parties to attend, and maybe one or two to plan. Decorations to put up, perhaps a train set to assemble too.  Christmas cards to send, maybe some to email, maybe some to facebook. And then there are the gifts.  We’re told that now is the time to BUY, BUY, BUY. It’s the only way to show our love for others.  Every Kiss Begins with Kay (jewelers), dontcha know.

And then there is Black Friday, designed by marketers to kick off the Christmas season by getting you to head to the stores.  Except now we have Gray Thursday, aka Thanksgiving Day, where stores  open to start the sales (or is it Christmas?) season off even earlier. We can’t even take a day off to give thanks for all we are *already* blessed with anymore. No, instead we’re told to head to the stores, in search of more stuff, for us and our loved ones. The cycle repeats.

With all this in mind, this Christmas season, I’m taking a different approach. Instead of being thankful for all the somethings we have, instead, I’m thankful for nothing. The nothing of curling up with a good book, or snuggling my wife and our children. The nothing of conversation with a dear friend. The nothing of looking up to the heavens, enjoying the stars and the sky, and wondering what it is God has in mind for such a small being as I.

All these things are nothing, society may tell you. And yet, to us, as Christians, a people of Silent Nights, Peace on Earth and Goodwill to Men they are a vital way we live into the world around us.

May your holiday season be filled with a heaping, overflowing, abundance of nothings. And may you be blessed by each and every one of them.